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February Flash Challenge #febflash 2022!

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Join us for the February Flash Challenge!

#febflash is a chance for writers to establish or nurture a daily writing practice by focusing on short, flash pieces throughout this, the shortest month. Participants set the goal of writing one piece of flash fiction each day of the monthWe will be featuring daily tips, optional writing prompts, advice, and encouragement from established authors and editors to inspire us! You are invited join our private Facebook #febflash group  to post observations, successes and challenges, or to add your own prompts and tips to the community. Here’s to a fruitful February of #febflash!

2022 February Flash Challenge Prompts and Tips

2/1  Tara Lynn Masih
2/2  Kim Addonizio
2/3  Laura Geringer Bass
2/4  Margo Berdeshevsky 
2/5  J.L. Scott
2/6  Nicole Callihan
2/7  Sarah Freligh
2/8  David Hollander
2/9  Mary McLaughlin Slechta
2/10 Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello
2/11 Melissa Joplin Higley
2/12 Samantha Steiner
2/13 Tara Laskowski
2/14 David Ryan
2/15 Sarah Herrington
2/16 Jennifer Martelli
2/17 Peg Alford Pursell
2/18 Dawn Raffel
2/19 Nancy Stohlman
2/20 Joan Silber
2/21 Ana C.H. Silva
2/22 Julia Strayer
2/23 Tim Tomlinson
2/24 Cindy Veach
2/25 J.P. Howard
2/26 Keisha-Gaye Anderson
2/27 Matthew Sharpe



Past Prompts – Archive

Ed.-Writing Prompts 5
Janet Hamill-Writing Prompt
Cynthia Kraman-Writing Prompt
Tsaurah Litzky–Writing Prompts
Ed.-Writing Prompt 4
Jean Hanff Korelitz–Writing Tip
Ed.-Writing Prompt 3
Rusty Barnes – Writing Prompt
Mindy Kronenberg – Tips and Prompt
Ed.- Writing Prompt 2
Matthew Sharpe- Writing Prompt
Ed.- Writing Prompt
Bunny Goodjohn– Writing Prompt
Ilana Masad– Writing Prompt 2
Jennifer Jean – Writing Prompt
Ilana Masad– Writing Prompt
Tara L. Masih- Writing Prompt
Victoria Redel- Writing Prompt 2
Victoria Redel- Writing Prompt
Susan Tepper-Writing Prompt
Rick Moody–Writing Prompt
Lore Segal- “The Writing Habit”
Tara L. Masih- “Time for a Flash Break



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