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Tara Lynn Masih – #febflash

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Tara Lynn Masih




The pandemic has forced many of us to either stay indoors or to explore the outdoors. Write about a vacation. A vacation inside a home (a “staycation”) or a vacation in the wild. Look back to your childhood for material: Did you go camping? Hiking? What were your family dynamics? Expand on that, or create a whole new vacation that takes place in the future and encapsulates something surprising. Don’t settle for mundane, and distill moments. Pay special attention to place and pull in as many of the senses as you can (sight, smell, etc.).



Tara Lynn Masih is editor of the acclaimed Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction and Founding Series Editor of The Best Small Fictions. She’s been anthologized in Brevity & Echo, Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose, Nothing Short of 100, and W.W. Norton’s New Micro. A National Jewish Book Award Finalist for her novel My Real Name Is Hanna, her second story collection, How We Disappear, is forthcoming from Press 53 and Blackstone Audio in September.




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