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Nicole Callihan – #febflash

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Nicole Callihan



Often prompts focus on content, but today, I’d like you to think about form. Write a story in exactly two grammatically correct sentences.

One of the sentences—perhaps the first, though if not the first, certainly the second—should be long-winded, should sulk and sully, should be wet behind its ears and wise beyond its years, should try to hold everything, or—if everything feels too daunting—should hold exactly nothing, or—if nothing feels impossible—should hold only and exactly what it needs to hold: a lettered pill box, a hairpin, the hens out back, your father in the driveway, the way your daughter tilts her head towards the sunlight, that time you mistook hunger for something else entirely, the night you rode in the back of J’s pick-up and howled at the moon, your sad blue robe, your stack of bills—anything! The other should be short.

Have fun!


Nicole Callihan writes poems and stories. You can find some of her flash fiction here and here. Visit her website at for more writing and news.


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