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Mother Figures – Storied Mothers

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Mother Figures – Storied Mothers

In this, our second* “Mother Figures” folio, we feature “Storied Mothers.”

Once upon a time, traditional stories, myths, and fairy tales were dangerous places for mothers. Mothers were either sainted, but doomed, or evil incarnations, warped anti-mothers to escape from or to vanquish. Either way, they’re not often main characters, but accessories to their children. Either way, they often disappear, victim of a thesis that the mother must be eliminated for the child to self-actualize. Here, poets interrogate and reframe some old tales to center the mother and give her an alternative reading and voice.


Carol Alexander – O Wicked Stepmother
Richelle Buccilli – Cinderella Thinks About Motherhood
Kristin Indorato – Mouths
Abriana Jetté – Persephone Responds
Tina Kelley – Just One More, Mama
Michael Montlack – Stevie Nicks as Fairy Godmother
Mireya Perez-Bustillo – A Cow Jumped Over the Moon
Jeri Theriault – Demeter in the sixth stage of grief
Sherre Vernon – Photograph, As I’d Have You See Me
Jane Yolen – Bambi Haiku


*View our first “Mother Figures” folio, “Other Mothers.”


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