Lauren Sharpe – Domesticity, Now

Lauren Sharpe Domesticity, Now Sometimes, I pretend to be a baby so that my 4-year-old can pretend to teach me how to talk. She tells me a word and I repeat it back to her. Tonight, we snuggled…

Megan Sound – Bright, Shining Light

Megan Sound Bright, Shining Light I imagine some day I will tell my daughter about how, when she occupied my womb, I ate foods I believed would make her strong. I will tell her it must have worked…

Jessica Feder-Birnbaum – Creative Prose

Jessica Feder-Birnbaum Just A Dog The dog is picky with food. His glands are swollen. Blood work shows Canine Lymphoma. Chemotherapy offers a shot at remission. There is rarely a cure. The kids say you favor the dog. Not your…

Kathy Kurz – Creative Prose

Kathy Kurz Flesh “This is for you, Mom.” My youngest daughter, Julia, is home from college for the first time proudly showing me ‘my’ tattoo—sprays of lilacs and dogwood blossoms covering her shoulder. I try to be pleased. She explains:…

It's Complicated
Erica Hoffmeister – Creative Prose

Aversion by Erica Hoffmeister There is (a rather common, I’m told) condition similar to postpartum depression, similar to PTSD, aptly named nursing aversion—aversion, the rejection of—in which a physical and mental emotional sensation overtakes your woman-body, your mother-body, like…

Radhiyah Ayobami Creative Prose

Radhiyah Ayobami how maybelle survived new york who needed the north / when there was the smell of gardenias at night
as she slept between two big sisters in a hollow / of skin & smell
so when girls at…

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