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Wendy Brown-Báez – Weathering The Storm

Wendy Brown-Báez Weathering The Storm In the 1980s, I was part of a group that lived off-grid in the countryside of eastern Oregon. We shared a dilapidated barn, a cabin and a main building on five acres at…

Erin McGuff-Pennington – She Knew

Erin McGuff-Pennington She Knew Nowadays all it takes is Call the Midwife, one glass of wine, and I’m an overflowing tub of emotions, soupy water sloshing over the sides. I doubt there’s an end to it—other than the very end—but…

Aimee Pozorski – It’s Nothing You Did

Aimee Pozorski It’s Nothing You Did A woman is most vulnerable flat on her back, knees to her chest, panties dropped to the floor. Darkness surrounds her as the room’s shadows whisper. A wand scans the woman suspicious…

Elaine Terranova – Tantrum

Elaine Terranova Tantrum Things are very hard in the world of a three-year-old.  So much you are born not understanding. You can play in the street but only until supper. You get a spanking for the interesting white…

Bruce Moody – The Embrace

Bruce Moody The Embrace Its wings, its ribs, shoulders, its skin have a mind that desires — as the fires of spring desire — to be held, close, firm, firmly by hands. Hold me, hold me the…

Pandemic Parenting
Susan McGee Bailey – Rainbow Time

Susan McGee Bailey Rainbow Time Months into Covid-19, time has lost all precision. Days and weeks have a pleasant, blurry quality similar to my daughter’s rainbows. The ones done in water color, no clear lines of demarcation, one color…

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