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Healing and Recovery
Tina Cane – Poetry

Tina Cane Come Correct Continue to verb    Orlando urges me     via early morning text I’m trying I write back     Continue to create he says     as I get out of bed raise the window shade distance means     the end…

Healing and Recovery
Alexa Doran – Poetry

Alexa Doran   “I don’t want you to says he’s a killer” Oh honey I am   angry too. Hansel and Gretel felt this same gravity        when they finally saw through the heady          scent of too much peppermint   to the…

Lorraine Currelley – A Woman’s Legacy

Lorraine Currelley A Woman’s Legacy ancient women dream of love, passion, tender touch and thirsty kiss. we’ve known murdered rainbows and aching bed. there is no escaping naked heart and mourning. this legacy we carry as women. we know…

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