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Teaching as a Form of Self-Care by Qiana Towns

Teaching as a Form of Self-Care I slept straight through election night. The next morning after learning the results I called my youngest daughter before her father took her to school. She’s a sensitive child; the kind of sensitive we…

Unplug, Rest, Be Grateful by Wendy Angulo

Unplug, Rest, Be Grateful Self -care, a term we often associate with eating right, exercising and living righteously but if we really dig deep, self-care involves more than that. Although it sounds easy it is one of the most difficult…

To Satya From Satya by Sunu P. Chandy

To Satya From Satya February 15, 2017 Before I left home for the last day of the writers’ conference, I placed the blank cards, the heart stickers, the 18 envelopes and the list of first grade kids’ names on the…

Literary Citizenship by Jennifer Jean

I believe in Literary Citizenship. I really do. I believe in it in caps, as you see. To me this term has meant writing and sharing my literature, as well as advocating for literature through attending and creating literary festivals/conferences/readings.…

To Be a Mother; To Be a Person

I moved from New York City to a northern suburb in the ninth month of my first pregnancy. The initial deluge of visitors eager to see the new house and the new baby subsided to a trickle; I was alone…

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