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#febflash Prompts
Bunny Goodjohn – Writing Prompt

Freeing your Strangers We have trapped strangers in the backgrounds of our photographs. Perhaps we are the elderly couple taking a selfie in a derelict bandstand who catch by accident a large and red-faced woman jogging through the park behind.…

#febflash Prompts
Ilana Masad – Writing Prompt

“Mash Stories, has a good system, where they take three words, and then require the participants of each contest to use those three words, exactly as they are, in a story that is 500 words or fewer (and in…

#febflash Prompts
Victoria Redel – Writing Prompt 2

Victoria Redel- Writing Prompt 2 Collect overheard bits of conversation/dialogue during the course of the day. Choose three unrelated bits of dialogue and make use of them (either as dialogue or not) in a piece of flash fiction. Victoria Redel…

#febflash Prompts
Victoria Redel – Writing Prompt

Victoria Redel Take a title for your story that is an abstraction (e.g. Grief, Love, Bliss) and construct a story that seemingly has nothing to do with the abstraction but earns the title in a unexpected manner. Victoria Redel has…

#febflash Prompts
Susan Tepper – Writing Prompt

Susan Tepper Prompt: Smoke billows thick and black from the chimney of the deserted house. Susan Tepper has been a writer for twenty years.  Her sixth book, a fabulist linked-fiction, is set in 19th Century Russia and titled ‘dear Petrov.’

#febflash Prompts
Rick Moody – Writing Prompt

Rick Moody Write a story with no modifiers (I.e., no adjectives, no adverbs). Rick Moody is the award-winning author of twelve books of fiction and memoir, including The Ice Storm, The Black Veil, and Purple America. He…

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