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#febflash Prompts
Join us for #febflash 2022!

Join us for the February Flash Challenge! #febflash is a chance for writers to establish or nurture a daily writing practice by focusing on short, flash pieces throughout this, the shortest month. We will be featuring daily tips, optional writing…

Mothers and Children
E.J. Antonio – Matriarch

E.J. Antonio Matriarch someone sang for me from behind her teeth the sound of blood’s rush called me from myself into myself a body an earth song of love & bitterness someone sang for me deep in Virginia pines…

Mothers and Children
Hilde Weisert – Belly

Hilde Weisert Belly Is this what you think of when dying? The white tunnel not to Heaven but where you came from, a belly, your source. The hands guiding you, your mother’s hands, fussing to get you ready…

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