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Coffee House Confessions by Ellaraine Lockie

Review by Katie Baker  – Coffee shops are considered diverse gathering places, establishments where all walks of life, both young and old, come to read, write, congregate and socialize- and most importantly, get their coffee fix. However, one forgets the…

Changing States by Margaret Houston

Life begins in water. Here, on the gravel beach, where the shifting tides rock clattering pebbles forward and back in their arms, and the murmuring sea whispers lullabies in our ears, I watched you. You were silver and grey like…

Karma’s Footsteps by M. Ekere Tallie

Review by J.P. Howard              – Karma’s Footsteps, published by flipped eye publishing ( in 2011, is Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie’s debut collection of poetry. Tallie successfully draws the reader in from the very first poem. The first stanza of the…

Field Theory by Meredith Trede

Review by Nicelle Davis – I love when poetry incorporates science to broaden the scope of its lyric content—simply put, I love Meredith Trede’s Field Theory. The most striking component of Meredith Trede’s collection Field Theory, is the book’s construction.…

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