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Night Collage by Annie Deppe

Review by Lisa C. Taylor Night Collage is both a love story and a slow dance, opening with the foreboding, In Flew Chaos, a poem that juxtaposes wind that “rearranged the strand” with a knock on the door in…

Book Reviews
I Have the Answer by Kelly Fordon

Review by Emily Webber When I was a kid, I loved when we drove somewhere at night so that I could look at other people’s houses, lights glowing in the night, and wonder what was going on inside. Something…

Book Reviews
Eleven Miles to June by Ha Kiet Chau

Review by Ana C.H. Silva Reading Ha Kiet Chau’s full-length poetry collection, Eleven Miles to June, published by Green Writers Press, I often felt the same joy of the search I experience while antiquing. That feeling of being in a space of…

Book Reviews
Marrow of Summer by Andrea Potos

Review by Christine Salvatore In a time of less travel, walls that seem to close in, and a little too much time alone, Andrea Potos’s Marrow of Summer is all we need to journey far from home to tangible and…

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