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Retrograde by Puma Perl

Review by B.A. Goodjohn “…burnt years / welfare cheese / dirty decades / stolen checks / lost kids / was it worth it / just to write / some fucking poems?” (121)  – RETROGRADE is not a quiet, comfy collection.…

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Nestuary by Molly Sutton Kiefer

Review by Lynne Shapiro I happen to like, really like, nests, eggs, and estuaries so Molly Sutton Kiefer’s book, Nestuary, instantly attracted me.  Sitting at the Mom Egg table at AWP several years ago, a woman confided in me that…

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Still The End by Marion Deutsche Cohen

Review by B.A. Goodjohn  – “Yeah,” [the nurse] smiled back. “He’s got nine lives, like a cat…”…After she left, I asked him, “Do you want to KEEP ON living nine lives?” Very clearly, smilingly, and maddeningly, he mouthed, “ten, eleven…”…

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Texas Girl by Robin Silbergleid

Review by Jill Kelly Koren – As a poet who left Indiana to teach in Texas, I entered Robin Silbergleid’s Texas Girl (Demeter Press, 231 pages) expecting to find my own story, but to my surprise I found what Harold…

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I Carry My Mother by Lesléa Newman

Reviewed by Tessara Dudley  – I Carry My Mother is dedicated: For my mother, Florence Newman January 25, 1928 — August 22, 2012 may her memory be a blessing In this collection of poems, Lesléa Newman explores a journey to…

Book Reviews
Motherlung by Lisa Marie Brodsky

Review by Issa M. Lewis – The idea of what a mother should be is often romanticized in popular thought. Images of the perfect mother—ultra-organized, fierce protectors of their children (but never taking it so far as to appear unfeminine)—have…

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