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An Unwalled City by Genevieve Betts

Review by Jennifer Martelli  – From the opening title poem where we are told, “Never mind what your mother says” (3) to the closing poem “Chained Reaction” where Betts writes The top of my mother’s hand is tan shallot skinand…

Book Reviews
The Moth-Eaten World by Suzanne Edison

Review by Mindy Kronenberg  – No one wants to talk about the sick child. Corrugated sadness, apologies baited with fear the mousetrap faces of those with healthy kids, shut. The difficult truth of these 21 skillful poems by Suzanne Edison…

Book Reviews
Tremolo by Kelly Hansen Maher

Review by Lisa C. Taylor  – Is it possible for poetry to transcend grief? Can a visceral reaction in the body be expressed in language? In this debut poetry collection, Kelly Hansen Maher vacillates between an original vocabulary of loss— they…

Book Reviews
Some Girls by Janet McNally

Review by Meg Reynolds – Winner of the 2014 White Pine Press Poetry Prize SOME GIRLS blends of contemporary and ancient story. McNally bends time on purpose, lending myth into women’s stories and humanity to myth. McNally remembers what is…

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