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Eleven Miles to June by Ha Kiet Chau

Review by Ana C.H. Silva Reading Ha Kiet Chau’s full-length poetry collection, Eleven Miles to June, published by Green Writers Press, I often felt the same joy of the search I experience while antiquing. That feeling of being in a space of…

Book Reviews
Marrow of Summer by Andrea Potos

Review by Christine Salvatore In a time of less travel, walls that seem to close in, and a little too much time alone, Andrea Potos’s Marrow of Summer is all we need to journey far from home to tangible and…

Book Reviews
Multiverses by Celia Lisset Alvarez

Review by Christine Stewart-Nuñez I usually don’t start a review of someone else’s poetry—especially such haunting work as Celia Lisset Alvarez’s—with a reference to my own experience, but I’m no stranger to writing about death, and Multiverses takes up…

Book Reviews
Loosen by Kyle Potvin

Review by Mindy Kronenberg Poetry about illness and the journey toward recovery can be the most challenging to write. It is a daunting task to expose the intimate and raw moments of discovery and fear that accompany diagnosis and…

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