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Damaged Like Me by Kimberly Dark

Damaged Like Me: Essays on love, harm, and transformation by Kimberly Dark Review by Celia Jeffries “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.” –Muriel Rukeyser The last book that split…

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Her Kind by Cindy Veach

Review by Sherre Vernon Cindy Veach earned her MFA from the University of Oregon where she was an assistant poetry editor for Northwest Review. Veach is the author of two poetry collections, including Her Kind, and Gloved Against Blood. She…

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Wonder Electric by Elizabeth Cohen

Review by Mindy Levokove Rich with irony and conceit, Wonder Electric is a book of poetry which offers a view of life which ratchets up our perceptions, our conceptions and our connections. Elizabeth Cohen brings the reader her message of…

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While Mercury Fish by Ana C.H. Silva

Review by Anna Limontas-Salisbury Ana C. H. Silva’s While Mercury Fish is a cautionary tale women whisper to each other and sometimes to men, but the men don’t listen.   The poems, like whispers, can be mistaken as rumor or…

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We Are Bridges: A Memoir by Cassandra Lane

Review by Lara Lillibridge At age thirty-five, Cassandra Lane found herself pregnant after a lifetime of saying she never wanted children. She wrote, “my pregnancy boomeranged me back to my family and our past,” (25) and reawakened a need…

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Shapeshifting by Michelle Ross

Review by Carla Panciera If you’ve ever compared your family to the perfect families captured in Facebook posts and felt, despite your awareness of social media’s tricks, that everyone else has their you-know-what together, then the families in Michelle…

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