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Spinning to Mars by Meg Pokrass

Review by Kimberly Lee At first glance, Meg Pokrass’ latest flash fiction collection Spinning to Mars—a slim volume of approximately 70 shorts—appears to be a quick read. Yet the book, which takes readers on a journey of intimate and…

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Deadheading & Other Stories by Beth Gilstrap

Review by Emily Webber Deadheading & Other Stories, Beth Gilstrap’s short story collection, portrays women in the Carolinas as they endure hardship and process trauma, and explores our connection with the natural world and family. Gilstrap’s flash fiction has…

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Object Lesson by Jennifer Jean

Review by Christine Beck Jennifer Jean’s new book of poetry, Object Lesson, is not an easy read.  The topic that weaves her poems together is the objectification and pain experienced by women who are mired in, or have escaped…

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Uncertain Acrobats by Rebecca Hart Olander

Review by Jennifer Martelli The poems in Rebecca Hart Olander’s debut collection, Uncertain Acrobats, not only recollect a father’s life, but also navigate the landscape of grief, making all movement breathtaking and physical. Olander’s mastery in her construction of…

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Tremors by Cammy Thomas

Review by Michelle Panik   While the organization of Cammy Thomas’s latest poetry collection, Tremors, is simple—three parts that address each stage of the poet’s life—the material is not. Tucked within these pages are poems both humorous and sober, declarative…

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A Spell for Living by Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Review by DeMisty D. Bellinger   A Spell for Living is a visually striking collection of poetry from poet Keisha-Gaye Anderson. In her third collection, Anderson pairs her poems with original pen and ink drawings, adding movement and intimacy to…

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