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MER 12 – A Show of Hands by Hester Jones

Hester Jones – A Show of Hands Hester Jones is a British Artist based in London UK. Her work is an ongoing investigation into culturally constructed, gendered identities; she is interested in the performative and participatory qualities…

MER 12 – Migrant Mothers by Eti Wade

Eti Wade on the cover image from her series, MIGRANT MOTHERS  –  ‘Migrant Mothers’ is a series of photographs of mothers with their children. The title is a homage to Dorothea Lange’s famous photograph ‘Migrant Mother’ which recorded a young…

The Mom Egg Vol. 9 Selections

Selections The Mom Egg Vol. 9 2011 Get the Issue Sandra de Helen MISSPENT MOTHERHOOD i squandered my motherhood mistaking it for my youth believing that because i was sixteen or twenty or thirty i was entitled…

About Mom Egg Vol. 8 “Lessons”

A girl finds out something new about her mother’s second husband.  A teenager succumbs to the lure of adventure on a Haitian night.  A non-observant grandmother attempts to explain a religious holiday to a child.  A grown man fails to…

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