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Joetta Maue – Art

Joetta Maue Artist Statement As an artist I have utilized my daily life as muse; my work inevitably reflects this, therefore, as I became a mother my work explored and continues to explore this complex relationship and landscape. Through motherhood…

M.A.M.A. Issue 36: Csilla Klenyánszki

house ———— hold “House/hold” is part of a research project on women’s position in the western society. It examines the evolution of gender equality in various subjects.“House/ hold” investigates the housework gap and its consequences while it provides an…

M.A.M.A. Issue 35 – Natalie Ramus and Katie Manning

The ProCreate Project, the Museum of Motherhood and the Mom Egg Review are pleased to announce the 35th edition of  this scholarly discourse intersects with the artistic to explore the wonder and the challenges of motherhood. Using words and art to connect new pathways between the academic, the para-academic, the digital, and the…

About The Anxious Child’s Alphabet

The Anxious Child’s Alphabet Kendra Keefer-McGee “The Anxious Child’s Alphabet” consists of twenty-six mixed media works on cradled wood panels. Together the Alphabet explores the existential anxieties of a child who experiences the world differently. “The Anxious Child’s Alphabet”…

Christina Springer Interviewed by JP Howard

Interview with poet and artist Christina Springer by JP Howard   I am delighted to share this new folio featuring an interview and three new poems by Christina Springer, a fabulous Alt. Black artist who uses text, performance, video and…

The Virginia Project

TINA BARRY – THE VIRGINIA PROJECT The following images and poems are part of a collaborative written word and visual art exhibition entitled The Virginia Project, which will be presented at The Wired Gallery in High Falls, New York,…

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