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Camille Aubry – A Journey to Motherhood

Camille Aubry – A Journey to Motherhood Artist’s Statement I am a French illustrator and cartoonist based in Bristol, UK. I explore the subject of motherhood in my artwork, and more particularly through my comic book A Journey to Motherhood.…

Joetta Maue – Art

Joetta Maue Artist Statement As an artist I have utilized my daily life as muse; my work inevitably reflects this, therefore, as I became a mother my work explored and continues to explore this complex relationship and landscape. Through motherhood…

Mother's Day 2019
Laura Foley – Poetry

 Laura Foley Camden, Maine The winter loons find harbor here, as do I, my child’s child walking slowly with me down the street, her tiny hand like an anchor in mine. She bids hello to water, to sunlight on…