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Healing and Recovery
Tina Cane – Poetry

Tina Cane Come Correct Continue to verb    Orlando urges me     via early morning text I’m trying I write back     Continue to create he says     as I get out of bed raise the window shade distance means     the end…

Healing and Recovery
Alexa Doran – Poetry

Alexa Doran   “I don’t want you to says he’s a killer” Oh honey I am   angry too. Hansel and Gretel felt this same gravity        when they finally saw through the heady          scent of too much peppermint   to the…

Care – A MER VOX Folio

Care A MER VOX Folio of Poetry and Prose “Care” is a word with many shades of meaning. Although not strictly a contronym, it is a “Janus word” of a sort, in that it gazes out in…

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