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Escape – A MER VOX Folio

Welcome to the June 2021 MER VOX: Ekphrastic Challenge & Other Poems For this VOX, we’ve curated a folio of poems that engage with or echo Keisha-Gaye Anderson’s evocative work of art titled “Escape.” We loved Anderson’s use of colors…

Gabby Gilliam – Protogenoi

Gabby Gilliam   Protogenoi The leaking nipple of a faceless mother speckled like Cerillos turquoise undulates through a polished universe all ass and hip and dripping milk, she turns her back on the expanse of space watches Prometheus’ gift raze…

Martina McGowan – Earth Mother

Martina McGowan   Earth Mother —After Pat McCade Mother to all Transforming stardust into life With the amniotic fluid That runs through my veins I am the holy sky walker Holy surface walker Life-bearer Life-bringer Hope for the living And…

Dawn Terpstra – [Re]Creation Myth with Bombs

Dawn Terpstra [Re]Creation Myth with Bombs –after Keisha-Gaye Anderson Dawn Terpstra lives in Iowa where she leads a communications team. Her poetry appears in Main Street Rag, Briar Cliff Review, Citron Review, San Pedro River Review, and…

Helen Bournas-Ney – Because

Helen Bournas-Ney Because Helen Bournas-Ney was born in Ikaria, Greece, and grew up in New York City. While studying Comparative Literature at NYU, she received the Anaïs…

Sonya Schneider – May

Sonya Schneider May I A barn swallow builds her nest nearby she loops the sky when we open the door and waits for us to close it before returning to her job of keeping eggs warm II Mom didn’t…

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