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Mom Egg Review publishes reviews of recent books (including chapbooks) of poetry, fiction and creative prose, by mother writers, and of books focused on motherhood or women’s experiences and issues.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please visit Book Review Request for more info. 

If you are interested in reviewing books for us, please check out our page of Books for Review and Guidelines, and then email us at [email protected]

Book Reviews
Terra Incognita by Sara Henning

Review by Christine Stewart-Nuñez Terra Incognita follows Sara Henning’s much-lauded View from True North, co-winner of the 2017 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition Award and the 2019 High Plains Book Award. In her second collection, winner of the…

Book Reviews
Pools of June by Mary Meriam

Review by Lynn McGee A design motif on Pools of June by Mary Meriam is the image of bubbles. They appear on the cover, fill an illustrated figure diving into water on the frontispiece, tumble skyward on the title…

Book Reviews
The End of Horses by Margo Taft Stever

Review by Lynn McGee “The End of Horses” is a book title that puts the concept of finality squarely in the reader’s view. It challenges the cognitive dissonance that enables us to go about our lives unhampered by the despair…

Book Reviews
So I Will Remember By Julene Waffle

Review by Mindy Kronenberg A favorite course of mine back in graduate school (under the tutelage of poet Julie Sheehan) was a “First Books” examination of established contemporary poets, seeing their early literary discoveries and distinctive voices take shape…

Book Reviews
Easy Beauty by Chloe Cooper Jones

Review by Abby Orenstein Ash Popular culture flattens the lives of disabled people beyond caricature, reducing the complexity of lived existence to a simplistic narrative that either wallows in pain and exploitation or relies on sports cliches of odds-defiance…

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