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Quinn Rennerfeldt – Goodwill In The Era of Girls

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Quinn Rennerfeldt


Goodwill in the era of girls


Her pink pen etching hearts into the top of my hand during our high school math class. End of semester. Breath peach- sweet and warm on my arm. The drone of lecture a lazy bee in our periphery. We are cocooned in the back of the room. I am not sitting, I am hovering. I am not still, I am static crawling like ants in the sand. I am not breathing, I am holding. And holding. Holy. Until her shapes are complete. Outlines filled in. Gel ink and her vicinity seeping into my skin. Until the bell yells, startling her hand into flight, restless butterfly, and then the rest of her goes with it.



Quinn Rennerfeldt is a queer poet earning her MFA in San Francisco, where she lives with her family and animal menagerie. Their heart is equally wed to the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Her work can be found in SAND, Mom Egg Review, elsewhere mag, and Cleaver. Her chapbook Sea Glass Catastrophe was released in 2020 by Francis House Press. They are the Editor-in-Chief of Fourteen Hills, a graduate-run literary journal with SFSU.


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