MER - Mom Egg Review

N.F. Kimball

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N.F. Kimball

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


I had a dream once, of my life standing still. I saw
behind closed eyes the Earth forgiving me, the parts
of my being I must bury; the nautilus of sound. In this
dream I had no body. I had no neck, I had no voice.
Wool cloaked the part of my country where I sat, my
placenta & my flower. I became blurry, my errors were
sisters with the open field. And then – how I existed did not
matter. I salvage the blue of the sunflower, I ravage these
desires I have. I pick myself up like- I have no choice.
I find a place my soles are the same as the Earth. The
soil is kind, its seeds are warm. I embrace all the things
I am to be and I release all of the things I can’t. The parts
I am to bury join me, to make people a brief chasm to
retrograde past; enrapture, we enjoy undressing.


N.F. Kimball is a Jewish poet, mother, and student. She is just beginning her publishing and submitting journey, and has been published in multiple school anthologies. She loves being creative and spreading joy to those around her. She is passionate about creating art, and is excited to grow as a writer.


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