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Jerrice J. Baptiste – The Solution

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Jerrice J. Baptiste

The Solution


Her belly grew like a basketball not filled with air but with water where a wonderful creature was protected inside a hard like shell.  She wanted a baby boy genius.  She followed her own formula daily to increase the fetus’ intelligence.  While listening to classical music, she dabbed in water colors as she sipped lavender tea.   In the morning she strolled the local botanical garden, smelling each flower and introducing her baby to the name and scent of each one…this is a pink rose, an Asian Lily, a hyacinth… She inhaled, then walked to the wishing well and sat near the fountain listening and absorbing the song of the birds, and the calming flowing water.  She meditated on Loving-Kindness each afternoon under a willow tree and she felt she had found the solution, a formula for developing the smartest baby. At night as the moon rose high she read a story book in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and all the romance languages.  After giving birth, she nursed and stroked his forehead and whispered I love you as you are!


Jerrice J. Baptiste is an author of eight books. She has been published in various journals and magazines. Jerrice teaches poetry where she lives in NY.


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