MER - Mom Egg Review

Sonya Schneider – May

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Sonya Schneider




A barn swallow builds
her nest nearby

she loops the
sky when we
open the door

and waits for us
to close it

before returning
to her job
of keeping eggs warm


Mom didn’t bring
a bathing suit
I helped her

the harsh black
straps of her bra

sighing she stepped
into the hot tub
naked save for
the silver clip
that held her hair
in place


Calliope hasn’t climbed
a tree since last summer
she bleeds into her
sheets then peels
them off her bed
and hands them
to me to clean


I bend to pick
the camas lily

my fingers
root around for
the small
globelike bulb

Is this the way
the earth


Weary from wind
the fir trees bend

Calliope reads
in a sunny corner

And I?  I refuse to
close the door


Sonya Schneider is a writer living in Seattle, WA.  Her plays have been produced in Seattle and San Juan Island, and her writing has been published in Stanford Magazine and San Diego Poetry Annual.


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