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Martina McGowan – Earth Mother

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Martina McGowan


Earth Mother

—After Pat McCade

Mother to all
Transforming stardust into life
With the amniotic fluid
That runs through my veins

I am the holy sky walker
Holy surface walker
Hope for the living
And respite for the dying

All truth and light
Firmly held within my locks
Commissioned to speak
Into all beings

Breathing sage and time
Bearing the candle of life
The sacred center
Until the other shore is reached
A temporary end

By celestial writ
I speak life and memory
Memorializing past lives
Molding futures

I am the holy walker
Mother to all
Guided by ancients
Wordsmith as shapeshifter

Speaker for the living
Orator for the dead
And for those who die too soon

And when this earth passes into nothingness
I too shall return to my home
The stars


Martina McGowan, MD is a poet, writer, public speaker, activist and the author of i am the rage (February 2021). She is recognized by AAP “A Poetry Reading List for the 25th Anniversary of #National Poetry Month,” 2021 and Woman’s Day “20 of the Best Poetry Books to Read in 2021” and Contributor “2020: The Year that Changed America,” “La Libreta” magazine. She is poetry Editor of The Elevation Review Magazine.


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