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Lorraine Currelley – A Woman’s Legacy

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Lorraine Currelley


A Woman’s Legacy

ancient women dream of love, passion, tender touch and thirsty kiss.
we’ve known murdered rainbows and aching bed. there is no
escaping naked heart and mourning. this legacy we carry as women.
we know the storms that come threatening and invading our peace.
i was a woman long before becoming a wife and mother. your dreams
are not unlike my own, nor are they newly spun. we are the gray crowned
women you will become. buried in each wrinkle are centuries of life lived.
cuddle at our bosoms, sit at our feet and listen. we have much to teach you
and you have much to learn.

we are the women you will become. your grandmothers, mothers and
aunts. touch each wrinkle, there are generations of life living here.
we lovingly share with you, your inheritance. join with us in celebrating
our story, your story. celebrate this line of ancestral truth and womanhood.
we are your inheritance.


Lorraine Currelley, poet, spoken word artist, multi genre writer, Pearls of Wisdom storyteller, educator, curator and visual artist. Most recently named Bronx Beat Poet Laureate 2020-2022 State of New York. Multi awards recipient. Widely anthologized, most recently a contributing author to the publications Resistance, Writing for Peace and From the Ancestors, Poems and Prayers for Future Generations, Trancemission Press. Executive Director for Poets Network & Exchange and the Bronx Book Fair. She has curated exhibits for Mom Egg Review (VOX), Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA. Board member at Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. and Blind Beggar Press, Inc and Advisor for Writing for Peace.She has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, a Bachelors in Psychology and Certification in Thanatology (grief & bereavement). Anti-ageism advocate and activist residing in New York City.


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