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Lisa López Smith – Author’s Note

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On “In the Templo de la Compañía de Jesús in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Lisa Lopez Smith

From Mom Egg Review 18 – HOME 

Writing this essay helped me process my meeting with this young father and his infant daughter. We chatted for quite awhile, and I could have interjected with my opinions and my stories about working in a migrant comedor or walking in the desert or kids in cages. But what about giving dignity to his situation which I would never comprehend entirely? What about just listening to his story? I’m an immigrant too and the reasons we leave our homeland are complicated and personal. Anyone who thinks that there are easy answers to this situation is just not paying attention. So what was the right thing to do? Maybe, just writing about the incredible opportunity of meeting this little family while strolling through the Church of the Company of Jesus, and letting it break me softer, just a little bit more.


Lisa López Smith lives and writes from her farm in Mexico. When not wrangling kids or rescue dogs or goats, you can probably find her riding her bike. Recent publications include: TJ Eckleburg Review, Sky Island Review, Tilde, Mothers Always Write, Lacuna Magazine, and Coal Hill Review.


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