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Jane Yolen – Poetry

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Jane Yolen


Birth is not mysterious
to the mother whose body
is cradle and cafe.

Who listens for breath,
feels a whale swimming
in the sea of her.

She sends hand signals
against her skin,
is rewarded with a kick.

She is the first house,
the first home,
both comfort and comforter.

So why this mystery
about writing something down?
Just open your mind

Take a gulp of air,
bear down hard,
and push.

Jane Yolen has published over 383 books, with 400 in sight! She has received 6 honorary doctorates for her body of work from six New England colleges and universities. New England NPR gave her their Arts & Humanities award.Her latest novel–Mapping the Bones–won the Massachusetts Book Award, YA Category in 2019.Her poetry can be found in journals,magazines, anthologies, and collections, both for adults and children.


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