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Luna Flores – Poetry

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Luna Flores



Cuando veo tus pies cansados
Me emociona pensar
En todo lo que han recorrido
Con pasos firmes para llegar a todos lados.

Cuando veo tus pechos,
Imagino las noches de desvelo,
Y haciendo gozar tambien.

Ese vientre tuyo, que no es perfecto,
Ha dado vidas, imperfectas tal vez,
Pero son tu sangre, tu razón y tu corazón.
Sin dudarlo, darías la vida por ellos
Como fiera salvaje.

Veo tus manos
Que lo mismo luchan,
Trabajan, alimentan y acarician.

Tus manos que tocan la tierra,
Mojan la lluvia misma y
Hacen viento al viento
Mientras brillan en su propio resplandor
Consolando un hijo
Un compañero
Un amigo.

Único es tu rostro
Que llora,
Que canta, que ríe,
Que gime en el silencio de la noche
Y grita sus orgasmos sin pudor.

Siempre serás toda una mujer
Aunque lo ames a él
O la ames a ella.

Somos mujeres, y somos del viento.



When I see your tired feet
I’m excited to think
About how much they have traveled
With firm steps to reach everywhere.

When I see your breasts,
I imagine sleepless nights,
And giving joy too.

That belly of yours, which is not perfect,
It has given lives, imperfect perhaps,
But they are your blood, your reason and your heart.
Without hesitation, you would give your life for them
As a wild beast.

I see your hands
That fight, work
Feed and caress all the same.

Your hands that touch the earth,
Wet the rain itself
And make wind in the wind
While they shine with their own glow
Comforting a son
A partner
A lover.

Unique is your face,
Singing and laughing,
Moaning in the silence of the night
And screaming your orgasms shamelessly.

You will always be a woman,
Despite loving him
Or loving her.

We are women, and we are from the wind.

Luna Flores was born in Mexico City, where she took up both technical and literary studies. She took writing workshops at the Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City. She started writing poetry when she had no more tears to shed for the broken heart of a first love. A Portland, Oregon, resident since 2000, she’s a collaborator on KBOO – FA radio (focus on Latin American fine arts and culture), and has been writing poetry for Voz Alta since 2014.


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