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Laura Foley – Poetry

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 Laura Foley


Camden, Maine

The winter loons find harbor here,
as do I, my child’s child
walking slowly with me down the street,
her tiny hand like an anchor in mine.
She bids hello to water,
to sunlight on the water,
to the river beneath the little bridge,
to the strange man passing—
who stops and waves, basking in her favor.
No one racing, this quiet Sunday morning—
except time’s thoroughbred waters,
galloping to the sea.



Laura Foley’s seventh collection of poetry, Why I Never Finished My Dissertation, is due out in September 2019. Her work has won the Common Good Books poetry contest, the Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest, The Atlanta Review Grand Prize, Foreword Review Poetry Prize and others. A palliative care volunteer in hospitals, she lives with her wife and their two dogs among the hills of Vermont.


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