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Siân Killingsworth – Poetry

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Siân Killingsworth


Inanna Speaks

My manifold guises
traverse the earth spinning
facts, fictions, and associations

I rest on pallets of red ocher
gold of a goddess
I warm my body with lions

weak bodies of men writhe in worship
I transform them to women,
madder, much more stable

armed and dangerous, they call me
poisonous cinnabar culled
from a small gland, an 8-pointed star

a mighty rival
challenging stature
theological and ideological

they call me mystical or carnal,
depraved, a shepherd husband and many more—
a lush lifestyle, love and passion

slow changes of mind over centuries,
men gird themselves for war with me–
wear rarer blue

all the while I blaze
undaunted and unsubdued

my women still love
me, my red, my ardor
my hips and breasts

they sing of their own
and honor me. The eggs
in spring are mine, the sex

always mine. Worship the life
the death, the cycle. Like a crash
of your imagination and hope
I fly across the sky


Siân Killingsworth’s poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies including Columbia Poetry Review, Calamus Journal, Ekphrastic Review, Oakland Review, and Mudfish. She has an MFA in poetry from the New School, where she served on the staff of Lit. She lives just north of San Francisco.


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