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MER VOX Quarterly – Spring 2019

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MER VOX Quarterly – Spring 2019

Experiencing Mythology in Our Lives

An MER VOX Poetry Folio Curated by Jennifer Martelli and Cindy Veach

The poems in this issue of VOX teach us how to remember an old, holy music in our homes, in ourselves. What a pleasure to explore the mythical and magical in the everyday… The poems impart an ancient history to all we touch. We loved reading these fusions of the sacred and the profane. We hope you, too, feel the pull of these ancient stories. It is our pleasure and honor to present work from these poets:

Sarah Sousa
Martha McCollough
Jane Hart
KT Herr
Jennifer Franklin
Hilary King
Anne Graue
Carol Berg
Siân Killingsworth

Please join MER at AWP Portland!

Bookfair Table T9082

Meetup With the Editors
At the Book Table
Fri. 3/29, 9-10 am

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Mom Egg Review Vol. 17 Launch Party and Reading
Saturday, May 18th, 4-6 p.m.  Poets House, NYC

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