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It’s Complicated

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It’s Complicated…

A folio curated by Marjorie Tesser

As mothers, we are involved in the business of nurture. Sometimes this goes smoothly; motherhood can be a source of love and joy. But at other times, mothering can be complicated. Signals can be interrupted, misinterpreted. Mothers and children can be imperfect. There is disappointment, illness, loss. Often these are the things we are most reluctant to talk about. In this folio, writers confront, explore, and reveal complications of motherhood. They address the difficult topics of frustration, misapprehension, grief, and loss, and explore their intersections with mothering.

These fraught topics are also addressed by the visual art highlighted in this folio. Kendra Keefer-McGee’s “Anxious Child’s Alphabet” acknowledges, and makes art of, a vulnerable child’s catalogue of fears and concerns.


Featured writers and artist:


Brenda Bellinger – Creative Prose
Patrice Boyer Claeys – Poetry
Sally Donaldson – Creative Prose
Erica Hoffmeister – Creative Prose
Kendra Keefer-McGee – Visual Art
Marjorie Maddox – Poetry
Eve Packer – Poetry
Paulette A. Pashibin – Poetry
Connie Post – Poetry
Alexis  Quinlan – Poetry
Dorsía Smith Silva – Poetry
Abigail Walthausen – Poetry


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