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Keisha Molby-Baez

Seeds Planted


My birth name Keisha
My heavenly name Child of God
My family names daughter, sister, niece, aunt
My union name wife
My universal name friend
My poet name Coco
The best name of all, Mother

Mother of three


More open to change
Talking less
Listening more
Trusting my own capabilities
Sharing my opinions and journey
Letting go and living more in the present
Taking healthy breaks

Screaming loud within my head
Confident there is no reason to apologize
I’m not alone, but feel lonely at times
Thinking about the first time I felt loved
Realizing some won’t like me
It doesn’t matter

I can’t let my walls crumble
They block out all the negativity
My life’s purpose is my reason for existence
I feel everything around me

Action and stability
With lots of intensity
Within the community
Brutal honesty
Coming from a good place

Spontaneous creativity
Inspiring society
To release their negativity
Replacing it with positivity
Being optimistic daily
Full of productivity

Intense drive
You can count on me
A kindness that’s contagious
Encouraging attitude
Smile that welcomes
Hug that heals
Kiss that comforts

Motherhood has given me
A spark in my eyes
A light in my soul
A warmth in my heart
A passion that can’t be mistaken
A fire that never burns out
A noticing acceptance no matter what
A selfless spirit

Masking hurt with humor
Fearlessness in my eyes
I’m important and matter in this world
No matter the circumstances
I can and I will
Just watch me

Positive differences in others lives
A treatment you will never forget
This journey taught me valuable lessons about
True Love
All caused by pressure I put onto my own self to succeed
Being an example for my seeds
Being honest, open, and loyal is key

Old Soul

Never losing track of what I want to achieve
Having gratitude for what I have
Nothing in life is permanent
Soaking in every experience and moment
Realizing the hard part is almost over
Trusting all will work out in time
Allowing the universe to do its job

A mother’s consoling wish
Surviving unimaginable pains and procedures
Reconnecting with mother nature once again
Healing is to be gained
Warmth of a fire over my hands
Feel of rain on my face
View of the sky during the day
Love of the moon when it smiles at me in the night

Touch of the sunlight on my brown skin
Sounds of nature walking the trails
Power of the waves hitting my back
Rhythm of the wind blowing through my soul
Healing of the ground absorbing through my feet
Knowledge of the trees whispering in my ear
Secrets of life only in the wilderness you can hear

Keisha Molby-Baez is a mother, author, poet, motivational speaker, veteran, Mind Over Matter workshop facilitator and creator of Coco’s Delight. The author of two empowering poetry books titled, “Tears Laced With Fire” and “A Little Bit Of Sugar”. She’s currently working on her third poetry book, which is expected to be released in 2019.


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