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Heige Kim – So I Came From the Sea and Sat Down

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So I Came From the Sea and Sat Down

Pretend I’m a slender whale, an odalisque along the shoreline. Stud one arm with stars. Let your eyes travel the full gleam of my tail. What do you carry? A line-drawing etched on ultramarine? A harmonica playing lilies? Unfurl Jean’s fingers. She offers a stack of wishes. In my palm, I hold a smaller hand. A branch of coral on the lifeline.

Tina Barry

So I Came From the Sea and Sat Down (after Tina Barry’s poem)
Watercolor and casein on paper
30 5/8 x 37 5/8 inches

Since her move from New York City to the Hudson Valley in 2007, Heige Kim has been focusing on fostering community building and engagement through art. Kim’s notable projects include launching the Roos Arts gallery in Rosendale, New York, where she promoted and collaborated with regional and international artists and curators; and as the Women’s Studio Workshop’s program director for the august art festival in the summer of 2015, that featured outdoor installations and performances. The Virginia Project is her first participation in a group exhibition since her move to the Hudson Valley.


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