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M.A.M.A. Issue 30: Ching Ching Cheng and Jennifer Stewart Fueston

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May, 2018 Art by Ching Ching Cheng, poetry by Jennifer Stewart Fueston

M.A.M.A. (Mothers Are Making Art) is a collaboration among ProCreate Project, The Museum of Motherhood, and Mom Egg Review.

Art by Ching Ching Cheng

Letting go series and Build series  (please click the link for more art)


Jennifer Stewart Fueston

Taking the Baby to See Rothko at the National Gallery

Fifteen minutes before closing seems like more time
than we’ll need to see all there is to see of Rothko’s
blocks of color, the hungry purples smeared on
canvases, the primal reds. The baby likes the moving
walkway, mobiles, flickering lights, the giant blueberry-
colored rooster crowing at the city from the roof.

I assume abstract expressionists will be a bit beyond
his comprehension, forgetting that they’re art stripped
down to form, to line and color, to oval and ochre, to
rectangle and rose. So that when his babbles echo off
the surfaces in Rothko’s room, I see he understands it
more than I will, pre-verbal, full of awe, himself another
masterpiece of bright, unsayable things.

Published in MOM EGG REVIEW 16

Jen Stewart Fueston lives in Longmont, Colorado. Her work has appeared in a wide variety of journals and anthologies. The forthcoming poem, ‘Trying to Conceive,’ was a finalist for Ruminate magazine’s McCabe poetry prize. Her chapbook, Visitations, was published in 2015. She has taught writing at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as internationally in Hungary, Turkey, and Lithuania.





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