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MER Editors at Massachusetts Poetry Festival

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MER editors Jennifer Jean, Jennifer Martelli, and Marjorie Tesser will lead a poetry workshop at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, to take place in Salem, MA the weekend of May 4th through 6th.

Festival headliners include Sonia Sanchez, Kaveh Akbar, Duy Doan, Jeffrey Harrison, Dorianne Laux, Erika Meitner, Carl Phillips, Nicole Sealey, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Rhina P. Espaillat. For more information, please visit the Massachusetts Poetry Festival website. #MassPo2018

Poets On Poetry: An Ars Poetica Workshop

“I, too, dislike it…” Marianne Moore

What is poetry? More, what is YOUR poetry? Ever since Horace, poets have sought to define poetry, or express its essence, in their own works. We will read some poems about poetry—traditional and modern, and from diverse esthetics and perspectives. Then, workshop participants will create and share their own works of ars poetica. Through exploring how prominent and newer poets have defined their missions as poets and set parameters and ideals for the work, workshop participants will be inspired to consider, clarify, and express their own visions in new works.


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