The Best Literary Writing About Mothers and Motherhood

MER VOX Quarterly – Spring 2017

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March 2017 – SPRING

 In This Issue
POETRY: Mothers Respond
CRAFT: Self-Care As an Act of Survival in this Current Political Climate
GALLERY: Sarah Irvin and Tsaurah Litzky


Photo by Tracey Capobianco Ranauro

POETRY: Mothers Respond

Edited by Cindy Veach and Jennifer Martelli

The poems in this folio explore how we, as mothers, have responded to the seismic changes over the past few months: are we or our children at risk? how do we explain this new year of division or loss? do we face these challenges as opportunities? Each of the poems in this folio gives voice to navigating this tumultuous world…


January Gill O’Neil – Post-Inauguration
Colleen Michaels – Origami
Amy Strauss Friedman – Aleppo in the Heart of the Living Room; Archipelago
Kali Lightfoot – Icarus Takes a Window Seat
Martha Silano – Poem for the New Year
Jennifer Militello – Instructions for Motherhood; Apocalypse Church; The Problems of Mothers
Carla Panciera – Winter Baby
Jean Monahan – Sunflowers;
Lines Written on the Election of 2016
Kelly Cressio-Moeller – How to Survive a Dictator


CRAFT: Self-Care As an Act of Survival in this Current Political Climate

Curated by J.P. Howard

…I’ve been wondering how my sisters across the country are practicing self-care these days and I reached out to a few writer friends, all mothers and all activists in their own ways. I invited them to speak on self-care and what that might look like to them, at this particular point in time…

Wendy Angulo – Unplug, Rest, Be Grateful
Radhiyah Ayobami – Return to the Bush
Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie – Ten Tips for Self-Care
Qiana Towns – Teaching as a Form of Self-Care
Sunu Chandy – To Satya From Satya


GALLERY: Sarah Irvin and Tsaurah Litzky

Curated by Ana Silva

Child Citizen Project – Sarah Irvin



Self Portrait with hangover

The Picture is the Poem 2 – Tsaurah Litzky


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