MER - Mom Egg Review

Poetry by Katrina Kostro

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Octogenarian Sips Glass Half-Full

When I walk down the street, a stream of smiles
rolls towards me like a school of rainbow fish.
I guess I must wear quite a grin. My style’s
just Carpe diem – blow and make a wish!

Look honey, when you’re my age, each day’s breath
should get its own bright candle, wax and all.
How many people celebrate the death
of old ex-husband’s lovers? Have a ball.

Most difficult about living alone?
Convincing people that if I don’t go
to Saturday night toothless Bingo – so?
Well what the hell’s the difference? Leave me home.

Still got what mother gave me, ticker’s sound – —
way more than my ol’ buds beneath the ground.

           — Katrina Kostro

Katrina Kostro is a certified yoga instructor and a medical student at the Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons in NYC. Her poems have appeared in BigCityLit and Mezzo Cammin, and she won honorable mention in the William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition (NEOMED).


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