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Guardian – A MER Gallery Curated by Ana C.H. Silva

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GUARDIAN: What is your superpower? 


For the first time, Wonder Woman and other superheroes beat out princess costumes on Halloween. Fearless Girl down on Wall St., though controversial for the right reasons, is a hot selfie at the moment. “Nevertheless, she persisted” is a popular tattoo choice right now. Some Hidden Figures are making their way to light. Women warriors and female heroes are emblazoned on our t-shirts, waving in our protest banners, and held in our hearts. Whether they are ancient goddesses, national politicians, international activists, or our mothers, daughters, sisters or partners, we are delighting in their power. This month we highlight work from visual artists that delves into the vitality, endurance, and fire of female guardianship, that force which protects and defends what we love and value. –Ana C.H. Silva

Featured Artists

Sophia Philip – God-dess
Laura Von Rusk – Untitled
Holly Anderson (photographed by Jonathan Kane) – May Day May Day
Liz Leggett – Superhero Ready
Rosary Solimanto – Weight
Mira Ho – verbal (ii)


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