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Poetry as a Reflection of Self on the Page – Curated by J.P. Howard

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These craft pieces are the direct result of a new collaboration between Continuing and Professional Studies (CPS) of The City College of New York (CCNY) and Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon (WWBPS). Our Interactive Poetry Workshop “From Page to Stage: Everyone Has a Story to Tell–What’s Yours?” was facilitated by JP Howard (Salon Curator), Keisha-Gaye Anderson, Jacqueline Johnson and Heather Archibald. All of our instructors are published authors, Salon members, as well as CCNY MFA or MA alum and one graduating CCNY MFA student. Our four-part workshop employed various writing prompts on a wide variety of poetic themes and helped students refine their creative voice and prepared them for sharing their work with a larger audience. Selected student poems were published in a chapbook and students performed work produced in class at a culminating event at Aaron Davis Hall, Thursday, December 8th (6-9pm), along with guest performance poets. Our craft pieces were inspired by our interactive workshop themes.

If you’d like to take the course in person (in NYC) CCNY has Spring Interactive Poetry Course dates and registration info on their website:


Keisha-Gaye Anderson – Release the Dam: A Poem is a River
Heather Archibald – Writing the Narrative Poem
J.P. Howard – Poetry as a Reflection of Self on the Page!
Jacqueline Johnson – Poets and Performance


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