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Ruben Free and Mosley – Stretch Marks

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alana-ruben-freeAkilah MosleyAlana Ruben Free and Akilah Mosley, Co-editors

“Stretch Marks”





 – “Stretch Marks” is collection of poetry by a group of English language writers who have, temporarily or permanently, made their home in Israel. Whether born speaking English, Dutch, German, Hebrew or Arabic, each of us has had to stretch to adapt to a new tongue, new culture, and/or new religion. The pleasures and pains of birthing ourselves into this ancient-young country have marked our body-souls. This collection is influenced as much by the desert’s spoken words and the Galilee’s mystical prayers as by our individual pilgrimages in search of our internal “Promised Land.” And, despite the impossible odds, we are each, with the support of one another, fulfilling our own promise through creating artful forms, meaningful symbols, and unique, poetic lives. —Shalom
Alana Ruben Free and Akilah Mosley

Featured  Writers

Akilah Mosley – “Birthright”
Katie Green – “El-Natan”
Shoshana Sarah – “Make a Name”
Batnadiv-Hakarmi Weinberg – “Mothers”
Joanna Chen – “Night”
Geula Geurtz – “Prayer”
Britta R. Kollberg – “Happiness in fourteen lines, flawless”
Alana Ruben Free – ” To NOT Know You is Still to Love You”
Marva Zohar – “Stretch Marks”
Margot Saffer – “The Last Resort: Directions When Moving Without a Map”
Rasha Mansour – “When you go to bed, don’t forget to sleep!”




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