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The Mom Egg 8

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10 ME8The Mom Egg Vol. 8 “Lessons”

Paper, 136 pages. $18

From The Mom Egg, a theme issue, “Lessons”, some to live by, others best ignored. Trenchant, lyrical, savage, and funny, the issue includes work by Kimberly L. Becker, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, James Cihlar, Janlori Goldman, Veronica Liu, Tara Masih, Susan Tepper, Kirstin Hotelling Zona.


Kimberly L. Becker –  Language Class
Marian Kaplun Shapiro –  Bah
Judith O’Brien  – Ways To Say the World
Katherine Swett  – Acrobatic Alphabet
Helen Ruggieri  – A Gourmet’s Linguistic Analysis of Culture
Joanne G. Yoshida  – The North Wind, Poetry, and Pimentos
Amy Watkins  – Learning the Hard Way
Puma Perl  – Baby Brother
Laurie Billman –  A Lesson We Were Not Likely To Forget
Rosalie Calabrese  – On Shavu’ot
Mindy Kronenberg  – Charity
Ellen Saunders  – Lesson
Elizabeth Schwyzer  – Sitting In Mud
Veronica Liu  – Playing
Theta Pavis  – A Useful Man; Swallowed
Tara Masih  – Catalpa
Mary Harter Mitchell  – Poet
Elizabeth-Jane Burnett –  fluff bunny
Sarah Buttenwieser –  Fortunes
Lisa Williams  – Birth
Luz Celenia  – Warrior Mom
Jessy Randall –  The Purpose of Us
Greta Bolger  – The Beauty of Boredom
Kyle Potvin  – Sound Travels on Water
Greta Bolger  – Species
Colleen Michaels  – Jet Boat Style
Angela Hooper  – Learning to Draw
Julie Cline  – Lesson Learned
Amanda Skjeveland  – Sugary Fluff
Jessy Randall  – I Kill Every Stuff
Radhiyah Ayobami  – how i learned to let go
Elizabeth Enslin  – What the Photo Shows
Dinah Lenney  – Object Parade: Eggs
Teddy Norris  – Patterns
Ana Silva  – Self-portrait
Denise Emanuel Clemen  – Conversation ‘66
Cheryl Boyce Taylor & R.H. Douglas  – Home Training
Joan Mazza  – The Family Line
Penn Kemp  – Pattern
Cheryl Boyce Taylor  – Sweet William for a Daughter-in-Law
Tania Pryputniewicz  – Incarnation
Catherine Woodard  – For Noticing
Amy Watkins  – Ring of Fire
Jessy Randall  – Celie at Four
Janlori Goldman  – What the Body Carries
Ronda Broatch  – What She Gave Herself
Charles Ries  – First Blood
M.J. Fievre  – Indigo Sky in Port-au-Prince
Marguerite Scott  – Firsts
Roxanne B. Sukol  – Time to Go
Carolee Sherwood  – Providence
Gail Ghai  – A Bag of Hammers
Kirstin Hotelling Zona  – Jar
Kathryn M. Fazio  – When I Woke Up and Saw Your Bike Gone
Lisa Argrette Ahmad  – Resistance
Kris Woll  – Fall:  A Lesson
Emily Hayes –  Late Night Runners
Lynn Hoffman –  It Depends
Heather McAllister –  William Ashley Peal
Alana Ruben Free  – Black Fire/White Fire (excerpt)
E.J. Antonio –  Ritual: The Second Day is Monday
E.J. Antonio –  Sarah’s Altered State
Lee Schwartz  – A My Name Is
Wendy Levine DeVito  – I Dreamed We Had a Mango Tree
Jessica Feder-Birnbaum  – A Living Wage
Monica A. Hand  – Laundry Lessons
Rose Auslander  – Unraveling
Lynne Shapiro  – In the Parlor
Janet Chalmers  – The Washerwoman’s Daughter (1902)
Kelli Stevens Kane  – (74), (44), (75), (61)
Donna Katzin  – Lerato’s Lullaby
Susan Tepper  –  Afternoon
Flora Trebi-Ollennu  – Identity
Michael Haeflinger –  on joining the navy
E.J. Antonio  – tangerine moon (as told by red dress)
Golda Solomon  – Miss Olive Holmberg Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 1962
Donna Vorreyer  – Empathy Test
Puma Perl  – Learning to Say No
Fay Chiang Resilience
klipschutz  – [string search: “mother” and “memory” and “mine”] Sandra Ramos O’Briant  – Toothsome
Louis Gallo  – Stuffed Artichokes
Nancy Gerber  – Eva
Liz Dolan  – Lessons
James Cihlar  – Bergen Mercy
Marcia Popp  – what I wanted to do for my mother
Mary Harter Mitchell  – Nothing to Do With Dionysus
Ana Silva  – I plumb my mother
Nicelle Davis  – Mother
Cynthia Kraman  – First Night in the Cabin, New Year, Proust, My Mother
Heather Haldeman  – The Visit
Mindy Kronenberg  – Legacy
Rebecca Dosch-Brown  – Recipe to Avoid Hate
Heather Truett  – Love Your Brother
Allison Elrod  – One True Thing


Orna Ben-Shoshan Front Cover
Robyn Beattie
Kim McMechan
Ira Joel Haber
Mary Reilly
Ellen Rix



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