The Best Literary Writing About Mothers and Motherhood

The Mom Egg 6

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08 coverThe Mom Egg Vol. 6

Paper, 114 pp.

Featured in this edition are prize-winning poet Sharon Dolin’s wry “To Worry, A Wallow,” “Marry Yourself,” by Joy Rose, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac, Caribbean-American poet Cheryl Boyce Taylor’s poignant “Nineteen Seventy Five,” and works by Radhlyah Ayobami, Corie Feiner, Glenis Redmond, and others.



Seven Continents Nine Lives (Excerpt) Fay Chiang
Teeth Marks Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
The Orange Picker’s Daughter Annette Daniels Taylor
Mrs. Snow Annette Daniels Taylor
Transylvania Ella Veres
Maher Arar May Joseph
If I Ain’t African Glenis Redmond
Letters to Luzon Cristina Querrer
They Lost My Vote Ellen Bukstel and Nancy Wuerzburger
I Still Believe Lenka Lichtenberg
One Face of Kindness Rosemary Mitchell
Letters to Virginia Woolf (Excerpt) Lisa Williams
The Apogee of Consolation Kate Falvey
Just Starting to Show Mackenzie Carignan
Going to Meet My Son Golda Solomon
Maw Elizabeth Schott
Sleeping Conditions Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Cookie Monster Nurse You Leslie Wolter
Yoga Tree Jenn DeWald
Salt in the Eye Monica A. Hand
Little Hard Hearts Puma Perl
Where We Sat Puma Perl
Modesty Gila Tal Green
Magic Carpet Kathryn Bjornson
Duty Roberta Fineberg
Woman in Turquoise Patrice Moerman
When Did I Know? Lee Schwartz
Hanging the Wash in St. Martin de Castillon Marjorie Tesser
Far From Home Teru Kanazawa
Weary Mitzi Mitchell
To My Child’s Teacher Laura Harris-Hirsch
Just the Way It Is Stephanie Feuer
Granny Song Jan Seides
18 Years Radhiyah Ayobami
Double Entendre Cristina Querrer
Ice Cave, A Young Girl Speaks, Maiden Fish Holly Anderson
I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Once Upon a Bad Seed Excerpt) Debra Knox
Occam’s Razor Marian St. Onge
Lyme Didi Goldenhar
Dermatagraphia Judith Skillman
Grandma Frieda and Margaret Sanger Amy Simon
1975 Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
Uneasy Death Nan Byrne
Assisted Living Janet Chalmers
Another Anniversary (Yahrzeit): 2007 Rosie Rosenzweig
Feet Carolyn Beasley-Baker
Delirium Jane Knechtel
Why Do We Fall? Caroline Beasley-Baker
Truth Telling: a Story of Resilience (Excerpt) JEN/ ed
Conversation Carol Atkin
Hug A Tree, Lola Estelle Bruno
Memories Are Made of This Rosalie Calabrese
U Pursued Me Rew
1000 Alana Ruben Free
Crayons to Chagall Tara Masih
Worry: A Wallow Sharon Dolin
Mother and Child Maggie McLaughlin
Woman of Willendorf Monica A. Hand
Housewife Lisa Fox
Lilith and Eve Nancy Gerber
Getting Helen Ruggieri
Barbie Nation Helen Ruggieri
Butterflywoman Eileen Motok
Marry Yourself Joy Rose
Ode to Butternut Squash Corie Feiner
Cubism Robin Rapoport
The Artist Alana Ruben Free
Manic Writing Mama Laura Faeth
Women of Cornelia Street E.J. Antonio
Jazz Dancer Cristina Querrer
In the Dim Afternoon Light Fay Chiang 


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