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Change: a folio edited by Kristin Prevallet

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 kristin prevallet

Kristin Prevallet 

 – From dire to duty and all the muck in between, change is the only constant. This seems important to remember, lest what is fatal (fated, un-chanced) appear doomed to fail. Nothing is set in stone (made of particles, the stone, too, is subtle change at the molecular level. Like a face.) These are poems of chance and of change—they are language moving in time as compositions of waves form patterns. Or, they are poems dressing up, and dressing down. Of de-cluttering, and re-making memories from the stuff that has been left behind. They are poems haunted by grandmothers and other languages that live in ether, the beyonds. Poems of sass, of romance, of grief, of aging and the stuff beneath speech. I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoyed collecting them. Please click on the links to learn more about these amazing poets.


Featured Poets

Carol Mirakov – Kintsugi
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor – In Her Lingerie Drawer
May Joseph – Cricket Sounding Darkness
Danielle Vogel – from A Library of Light
Wendy Barnes – Lament of the Swamp Hag
Betsy Fagin – Miraculous Fishes
Caroline Crumpacker – End Road Concussive Event
Billie Chernikoff – Kimono
Betsy Andrews On Neptune Memorial Reef
Rosa Alcalá – Homophonic Translation



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