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Tsaurah Litzky – Writing Prompt

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litzky-tsaurah-cleaning-the-duck flasher-coverTsaurah Litzky

1. Make an abstraction come to life by rendering it in specific details.i.e. for Old Age “Jenny was frightened that it was getting harder and harder for her to make it across the street before the light started flashing RED.You can use abstractions like poverty, joy, vanity, wealth, greed etc. etc. .

2. Take a line from a favorite poem and use it as an epigram or title before a flash fiction or a poem. I used this line, “There are hiding places in my room.” from a poem by Jack Michilene as a title for a poem.

Tsaurah Litzky is a widely published poet, writer of fiction, erotica, plays, memoir and commentary. Her full-length poetry collections are Baby On The Water and Cleaning The Duck. Her sixteenth poetry chapbook, My Shackles Melt, is due out this summer. She has an e-book memoir out, Flasher. She lives on the Brooklyn waterfront and sees the Statue of Liberty from her kitchen window.


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