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Jean Hanff Korelitz–Writing Tip

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Jean Hanff Korelitz




If you spend years writing a novel and every publisher in the world rejects it, put it away and write a better novel. Don’t self-publish. Despite the programs and apps and bells and whistles that appear to make self-publishing almost indistinguishable from traditional publishing, it’s not the same and it never will be. I’m not suggesting it’s easy to accept defeat, let alone to start over with a different (better) novel. Trust me, I know exactly how hard it is. But how glad am I that my first two failed and epically rejected novels will never see the light of day? (Hint: very.) Go and write a better book.

Jean Hanff Korelitz is the author of the novels You Should Have Known, Admission, The White Rose, The Sabbathday River and A Jury of Her Peers. A novel in progress, The Devil and Webster, is tentatively scheduled for 2017. She is the founder of BOOKTHEWRITER, a New York City based service that connects authors and book groups.


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