MER - Mom Egg Review

Song of Songs by Ronnie Scharfman

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Your wine-deep
Eyes wound
In the dark

The gift of abandon on your lips:
Open roses to my thirst
Exultant petals
I spilled the wine
The stain spreading
Over my prince’s white scarf

A sign the rains of distance
Had come between us
City lights on your aging skin

No longer dark promise
Of your solar throat
Throbbing around me

In the Metro tunnel
I encircled your waist
Found your mouth, teeth closed gates

We take different exits
Your gaze blazes through my raincoat
I resist the urge to turn

We each retreat
To another language
To the land of absence

Ronnie Scharfman was a professor of French literature at Purchase College for 30 years.  She has been in poetry and midrash writing workshops for almost that long. In 2013 she published her first chapbook: In Poem & Prayer.


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